The 1.5 Million Dollar Verdict

Brian Bennett Has Won Multiple Serious Personal Injury Cases

Kristie Leann Stapleton vs. Danny Beaupre and Autobus Fleur De Lys Inc #03-C-98-01165

On 8/16/01, after a four day trial, a Baltimore County jury awarded the Plaintiff, a 17 year old woman at the time of the injury, $1,488,451.00 plus court costs for her serious injuries.  After an appeal, the Defendants paid the judgment in full on 7/3/03 plus interest for two years at the judgement rate of 10% per annum; an additional award of nearly $300,000.00 in interest alone.


The Background

Kristine Stapleton was a passenger in Beaupre’s car when a Canadian tour bus was stopping for the night at a local hotel in White Marsh.  Unfortunately, the tour bus driver, Danny Beaupree, made a left turn in front of the car in which Kristie was a passenger and a serious collision occurred.  Kristine’s initial neck and low back problems resolved within seven months, but lingering numbness and tingling into her right foot and ankle lead her to a team of medical professionals to diagnose her with progressive nerve damage.  After several surgeries, Kristine was forced to give up a promising academic career as well as temporarily suspending her dream of being a nurse.

The Defendants contested both issues of liability and damages.  But, after convincing skeptical Baltimore County jurors to find the Defendant at fault, Brian Bennett was able to convince Baltimore County jurors, who are notoriously stingy, to make a generous award of compensation to Kristie Stapleton.

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