Protective Order Cases

In Maryland, you can obtain an order of protection from either the District Court or Circuit Court in your county.

Protect Yourself

If you must leave your home quickly to protect yourself from abuse, you may call the police to escort you back to your home to pick up clothing, medicine or other necessities.

Don’t Become A Statistic

If you are being abused by a spouse or partner, contact the Maryland Commission for Women or one of the local domestic violence programs in your area. You deserve better.

Click here for a list of domestic violence shelters.


When to Get a Protective Order

You should get a protective when you experience any of the following:

  • An act that causes serious bodily harm (e.g., kicking, punching, choking/strangling, shoving, shooting, hitting with an object, stabbing, or biting)
  • An act that places a person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm (including threats of harm);
  • Assault
  • Rape or sexual assault (including attempts)
  • False imprisonment
  • Mental injury to a minor child
  • Stalking

How to Get Protection

There is a two or three-step process that you must follow in order to obtain a domestic violence Protection Order against your abuser.  Some courthouses may have advocates on-site who can assist you with filling out the forms.  While you can do this without a lawyer, you should consider contacting your local domestic violence agency for advice and counseling.  Free or reduced fee legal representation may also be available through these agencies.  In addition, many domestic violence agencies may have shelters in your area to house you and your children to keep you safe through this process.

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